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WHAT ARE Wallet Topup API?

An application programming interface (API) for the automatic reloading or topping up of electronic wallets is known as a wallet recharge API (e-wallets). This API offers consumers a safe and practical way to contribute money to their e-wallets and can be implemented into a website or mobile application. In order to conduct the transaction and guarantee the secure transfer of funds to the e-wallet, the API normally communicates with a payment gateway.

PAYTM Wallet Topup API

With the use of e-wallets like Paytm, carrying cash, debit cards, credit cards, and other stuff is no longer necessary. The Paytm wallet is adequate for a variety of transactions, including paying for petrol, recharging devices, and paying utility bills. Use Paytm Wallet for safe & secure money transfers via UPI using any bank account or Paytm Wallet. Pinwallet Payments gives an opportunity to the merchants to integrate the wallet API in their software or websites, to recharge the wallets of their customers. With UPI transactions it is sometimes difficult to complete the payment but with a wallet you get multiple services to be used with ease. This includes:

  • • DTH Recharge
  • • Utility Bill Payments
  • • Book Movie Tickets
  • • Book Events Tickets
  • • Book Travel tickets
  • • Mobile Prepaid Recharge


Customers can pay for numerous services and goods online using Amazon Pay, a digital wallet service provided by Amazon. An application programming interface (API) is used to automate the process of adding money to or "recharging" a customer's Amazon Pay wallet through a software program. This is known as a recharge API for Amazon Pay wallets. The API typically interacts with the company's current infrastructure and enables users to request a recharge from Amazon via secure channels like HTTPS. Businesses and organizations can provide their consumers with the ease of swiftly and easily adding funds to their Amazon Pay wallets, making it simpler for them to make purchases on the platform, by using an Amazon Pay wallet recharge API.

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