Integrate Pinwallet AEPS & Micro ATM APIs into Your System to Make Payment Processing Easy, Fast & Secure

Simplify Payments with PinWallet Payment APIs

Welcome to PinWallet Payment, your trusted partner for seamless and secure payment solutions in India. Our cutting-edge AEPS API and Micro ATM API empower businesses to revolutionize payment processing, enabling swift and convenient transactions. With our fintech APIs, you can offer your customers a frictionless payment experience, driving customer satisfaction and boosting your business growth.

AEPS & Micro ATM Api

Streamline Payments with AEPS API

Our AEPS API allows you to integrate Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) functionality seamlessly into your applications. Unlock a world of possibilities with real-time transactions, including cash deposits, cash withdrawal, mini statement, balance inquiries, money transfers, payout and more. Cash withdrawal api is most used in AEPS for withdrawaing money from bank account using Aadhaar card authentication. With PinWallet Payment's AEPS API, you can provide your customers with a secure, instant, and hassle-free payment experience, promoting financial inclusion and enhancing user engagement. We are leading AEPS API provider in India and trusted by over 1500+ active businesses.

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Expand Your Reach with Micro ATM API

Unlock the potential of financial services at your customers' fingertips with our Micro ATM API. Seamlessly integrate our API into your existing infrastructure, empowering your users to perform banking services like cash withdrawals, mini statements, fund transfers, and more, directly from their mobile devices. PinWallet Payment's Micro ATM API enables you to provide unparalleled convenience and accessibility, helping you taps into new markets and drive customer loyalty.

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Why Choose Pinwallet?
All-in-One Dashboard

Get a variety of value-added services with higher success rates on a single dashboard.

Greater and Quicker Integration

Utilize our simple APIs for integration and deployment to get the most out of it and increase yourrevenue.

Electronic onboarding

We adhere to the principle of zero manual involvement, complete the online onboarding process quickly, and get going.

Compatible Model

Option to choose between faster/greater value, better performance, and better pricing

Platform for Open APIs

A single, open API platform that effortlessly integrates all of the solutions for your Gen-Z API banking solution.

Bank Selection

Make a channel with a primary bank and a backup bank to get the transaction flow that you want.

Unwavering Customer Support

Support by phone, chat, and email is always there to assist you at every turn.

Regular Wallet

One wallet for all of your financial transactions, with simple checks and balances

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