An API, to use technical language, is the key to this expanding interconnectedness. A programming interface for applications enables sharing of data streams and functionality between various platforms. Developers can integrate software components without interacting with source code by using APIs as control panels. You can link third-party GDS/Wholesaler inventory/feeds with your website's booking engine using an API. As a result, when a customer uses your website to look for a flight or hotel, you will get apositive response in terms of payment instead of redirecting them to another website.Banks and other payment processors offer APIs for using their services, just like suppliers do to access their feeds. Travelers could use their credit card or debit card to make secure online payments by connecting a payment gateway API. Pinwallet is a certified travel technology partner who can assist you in selecting the ideal payment gateway from among the many accessible.

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All-in-One Dashboard

Get a variety of value-added services with higher success rates on a single dashboard.

Greater and Quicker Integration

Utilize our simple APIs for integration and deployment to get the most out of it and increase your revenue.

Electronic onboarding

We adhere to the principle of zero manual involvement, complete the online onboarding process quickly, and get going.

Compatible Model

Option to choose between faster/greater value, better performance, and better pricing

Platform for Open APIs

A single, open API platform that effortlessly integrates all of the solutions for your Gen-Z API banking solution.

Bank Selection

Make a channel with a primary bank and a backup bank to get the transaction flow that you want.

Unwavering Customer Support

Support by phone, chat, and email is always there to assist you at every turn.

Regular Wallet

One wallet for all of your financial transactions, with simple checks and balances

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