The use of API in banking and fintech allows for communication between outside parties and online banking platforms. For instance, utilizing the already completed KYC procedure, an independent payment or financial service provider can obtain specific information on a certain user through his or her bank account. Contrary to what the opponents claim, a banking API can only access a customer's data with the customer's full agreement.The process of making banking operations accessible to outside businesses via a web service is known as banking API. As a result, business operations are more effective since the organization's various departments may cooperate in a coordinated way. Additionally, APIs can assist independent businesses in creating products based on financial services. Customers can execute transactions and get real-time updates on their accounts via the APIs without having to speak to a bank representative.



Pinwallet Payments is the leading AePS API provider business in India because of its cutting-edge products and services. We are in a good position to offer financial services to the rural population because most banks and ATMs can be found both in urban and rural areas. Through AePS, anyone can obtain a cash withdrawal option. Because it doesn't require an account number and only functions with biometric identification and an Aadhaar number, we claim that this system is the safest payment option currently accessible. If you want to sell AePS APIs and are looking for the most dependable AePS API supplier company, we are the best choice for you. We provide the greatest IT support, the fastest reaction times, and the highest level of security for AePS API integration.We provide you with the integrated software required to launch your business under your own name and brand and start charging customers for using the AePS API.

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With our Domestic Money Transfer API, customers may send money to banks in a rapid, easy, safe, and uncomplicated manner. Our technique for sending money has been under development for more than five years. You are able to use NEFT and IMPS at more than 400 banks with the aid of our DMT Service. Our services are broadly distributed throughout numerous urban districts and are easily accessible at our sites. Website owners, SMEs, and any other business can make extra money with the Domestic Money Transfer API.The only difference between domestic money transfers and mobile recharge is that instead of the cellphone number, you need to collect the beneficiary bank account number, IFSC code, and the amount that has to be sent from walk-in clients. Fill out your online form to complete your purchase. Within 5 to 10 seconds, the amount will be credited to the beneficiary's account.

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All-in-One Dashboard

Get a variety of value-added services with higher success rates on a single dashboard.

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Utilize our simple APIs for integration and deployment to get the most out of it and increase yourrevenue.

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We adhere to the principle of zero manual involvement, complete the online onboarding process quickly, and get going.

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Option to choose between faster/greater value, better performance, and better pricing

Platform for Open APIs

A single, open API platform that effortlessly integrates all of the solutions for your Gen-Z API banking solution.

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Make a channel with a primary bank and a backup bank to get the transaction flow that you want.

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Support by phone, chat, and email is always there to assist you at every turn.

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One wallet for all of your financial transactions, with simple checks and balances

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